Introducing C#11: Auto Default structs


C# 11 improves Structs compared to C# 10 (and earlier). Before C# 11, every Struct properties in the constructor had to be initialized or risk a compilation error. C# 11 fixes that and we will see how in this post.

Example of Auto Default Structs

Consider the following code:

As you can see the CategoryId property is not initialized in the constructor. With previous version of C# 11, it leads to the following compilation error:

“Error  CS0171 Field ‘Product.CategoryId’ must be fully assigned before control is returned to the caller.”

With C# 11, it automatically (behind the scene), assign the default value for a certain type. In our case, it’s an integer and its default value is zero (0).


The code above give the following according to the new Structs behavior in C# 11:

The CategoryId property has bee initialized to zero (0) as expected.

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