Introducing C# 9: Improved target typing


C# 9 brings a better target typing: “In C# 9.0 some expressions that weren’t previously target typed become able to be guided by their context.” – Microsoft –

Let’s see that with some examples in this article.

Target-typed new expressions

C# 9, now, allows to omit the type of the object you are instantiating. Obviously you can’t combine it with var keyword 🙂 . You can’t combine it with a ternary statement neither, it will lead to a compilation error.


Example with Linqpad6-beta:

Target-typed with conditional operators

C# 9 brings also some improvements with target-typed conditional operators, such as ternary statements. The code below led to a compilation error prior C# 9, and now C# 9 allows this (shared type in ternary statements):

Compilation error prior C# 9:

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