Introducing C# 9: Questions & answers about Records


You have been many to ask me questions about the records in C# 9 I described in my latest article: In this article I will answer them for my greatest pleasure as well as yours 🙂

How can I test C# 9 preview features, especially Records ?

Records are not available on VS 2019 16.7 preview 2 with .NET 5 SDK preview installed, but improved pattern matching is.
So if you want to test Records, and the rest, you have for now to download Linqpad6 beta here:

To enable C# 9, go to Edit > Preferences > Query and tick the Use Roslyn Daily checkbox:

Are records a value type ?

No! Records are reference type, they behave like value type (like Structs) for comparison. Like Structs they override Equals virtual method to have “value-based equality”, comparing each field of the struct by calling Equals on them recursively. – – Microsoft

It means ReferenceEquals (and ==) are comparing Records object reference, unlike Struct which will always return false. Examples:

Can a class have a Record as property ?

Yes it’s definitely legal:

Can a Record have a Struct and classical object as properties ?

Yes it’s definitely legal:

Are with expressions available for Structs and classes ?

No. And you will a compilation error:

Are Records immutable by default ?

No. They are only acting as value type by default, you have to set all properties with init keyword.

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