Micro ORMs, alternatives to Entity Framework ? Part 9


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What conclusion(s) can we make ?

Let’s summarize first principals features we described for each Micro ORM before in a user friendly table here:

Legends :






 Yes, but not verified

Note that they :

  • All support the execution of stored procedures, views, functions
  • Are all protected from SQL injection (queries parameterization)

What we liked ?

  • NPoco for simplicity of its syntax and performance
  • Dapper for its outstanding performance and its amazing community
  • OrmLite for its double LINQ-like and SQL syntax, and for its rich functionalities and performance


Even if we love some Micro ORMs and they are more performant than Entity Framework, they don’t provide all Entity Framework’s functionalities, and they don’t support unit tests as Entity Framework does (by mocking its DbContext).

In fact it depends on what you are looking for 🙂

I hope this suite of articles helped you to make a choice 😉

If you need to check the source code, you can find it here :

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