Micro ORMs, alternatives to Entity Framework ? Part 1

Story of Entity framework and Micro ORMs


The arrival 10 years ago of Entity Framework allowed to query a database without writing a single line of SQL.
=> This has helped to increase developers productivity.

How looked like a query before Entity Framework ?

And after….?

Awesome right ? 🙂

And Micro ORMs arrived….

New ORMs named “Micro ORM” came some years after Entity Framework, “lightweight declensions” of famous ORM like Entity Framework or NHibernate.

The purpose of their existence is to be more simple to use and performant by offering the most basic database query functions.


As you can see, many Micro ORMs have been released

In the second part of this article we will describe more some Micro ORMs, the oldest (so potentially the most mature) like :

1- Simple.Data

2- Massive

3- OrmLite

4- Peta Poco

5- NPoco

6- Dapper


Let’s go the the second part here.

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